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Tal tydeligt

Jeg kan ret godt lide Simon Kupers artikel ‘The trouble with racial language From colour-blind to community — a guide to the useless words that are damaging debate’:

Community: A word that people usually apply to other ethnic groups. I once asked a well-meaning white gentile friend, who was talking about “the Jewish community”, which community he belonged to. He was baffled. He was just himself, an individual, with unique views. Assigning people to monolithic ethnic “communities” is simplistic. For instance, is someone Muslim, Moroccan, French, Parisian, European or all of the above? Second, no ethnic group anywhere is a club with a unified world view that you join at birth.”

Culture: There’s a view that each ethnic group has a fixed, sacrosanct culture, which includes timeless practices such as, say, banning female drivers. But in fact, “cultures” change. Compare, for instance, western beliefs about gay marriage 30 years ago and today. That’s also why “British values” is a nonsense phrase: many majority British norms today would horrify the ancestors.”

Og der er flere hvor de kommer fra.

Varmt anbefalet læsning – og god kontekst til næste gang en eller anden forvildet politiker begynder at tale om ‘muslimer’ som en homogen fællesmængde, eller hævder at have patent på uforanderlige “danske værdier” eller “dansk kultur”.

Giv lyd fra dig